REWARDS DIRECT – the complete incentive marketing solution

Rewards Direct is a ready-to-use rewards solution, based on points, built for business partners, sales force, distributors, but also for final clients through loyalty clubs.

Check out the following solutions:

– Lead generation through Qualidz

– Trade campaigns through Rewardiful

Motivate your partners to sell more!

Rewards Direct will build a strong connection between you and your distribution or retail network through rewarding them based on their performance.

Keep the sales going

With Rewards Direct you will create a continued dialogue with your partner network, abut marketing activity, promotions, sales but also about their activity in the club.

Long lasting strategy

A channel incentive or trade program will increase the rate of engagement of your partners on a medium or long term.


It’s self founding

You don’t have to make a budget for prizes or activity at the start of the campaign. The budget set for such a program is a percentage of the fiscal value or income. Any changing cost is covered by your ROI.

The loyalty and incentive programs can have a significant impact on your company ROI, performance and the long term success. Rewards Direct – an integrated state of the art solution managed by a rewards platform based on points will offer countless advantages.