Create your own incentive campaign, trade or rewards in just 5 minutes

Rewardiful is not just a partner rewards solution. It is also a loyalty, retention and incentive portal with an information hub for partners.

Check out the following solutions:

– Generate leads through Qualidz

– Loyalty programs through Rewards Direct

Get ready to increase sales!

Create your own REWARDIFUL account, choose your plan and get ready to increase sales by rewarding  your partners!

Choose the template that suites you best!

Personalize your rewards platform the way you want it. You can choose a ready-to-use template, edit colors, pictures, content….everything.

Load your user data base and award them points.

Start managing your rewards campaign by yourself. The app allows you to load the partner or user and give them credits.

Start rewarding your business partners and increase sales.

Forget about sales targets. The new targets are the prizes in the online catalog. Your partners will set their own targets based on the prizes they prefer and will sell more to order the wanted prizes.

The platform is very easy to use. Using the Rewardiful platform, you will win the customer loyalty, they will buy more; and your business partners will be more efficient in selling your products. The awarding process is based on a point grid set by you and the members will be able to choose the prizes they want.