28 Oct 2016


The customer loyalty program performed by HP is probably one of the amplest programs launched on the Romanian market by a IT equipment producers and targets the final users. The program is being deployed by Rewards Direct for more than 4,000 products and is being entirely managed by the Create Direct team for all the customer interactions.

19 Oct 2016


Bosch is permanently involved in a long-term relationship with it’s partners through Rewards Direct, for it’s two divisions: Automotive and Termotechnica.

Create Direct is an essential base for this program through “know-how” and support offered to Bosch partners. The Bosch partners receive useful recommendations  and have access to a wide range of prizes they can receive when they choose to use their fidelity points, by only one click, out of Rewards Direct.

19 Oct 2016


Club Rigips is a Create Direct product that rewards handymen every time they use Rimano products – plasterboards and accessories.

Create Direct has been involved in creating the rewards platform and continues to provide the logistical part of the program by validating the users, providing the users with the points earned and delivering the products to customers.

19 Oct 2016


Xerox is a long-lasting partner of Rewards Direct, even from the launch of the program in 2012. Create Direct is involved in maintaining the partner rewards program from A to Z by: design, content, strategy, consultancy and logistical support.

In addition, Create Direct coordinates the Xerox and Documenta lead-generation campaigns(through Qualidz) thus creating a user data base interested in document digitalization services.