During the IMA Summit Awards 2022, Create Direct won the “Excellence in Consumer Promotion” award for multi-country cashback programs developed for Michelin.


Incentive Marketing Association (IMA) is an international association based in the USA that has as members the leading companies in the industry of rewards, incentives, and employee recognition. The awards for excellence are given to those incentive programs that stand out through their development and execution. The IMA judging panel was composed of industry experts and global leaders in incentives, rewards & recognition marketing. The IMA Summit Awards was held this year in Snowbird, Utah, USA (July 11-13, 2022).

“CLUB PRO by Michelin” and “Wholesale CLUB PRO by Michelin” are international loyalty programs, active simultaneously in Romania, Croatia, Greece, Slovenia, and Hungary. The programs target professional tire users, respectively dealers and sub-dealers, who are rewarded with cashback on the purchase of Michelin tires.

Both programs are developed and managed entirely by Create Direct. Since their launch, they had excellent results thanks to innovative up-sell and cross-sell mechanics.

The award won at the IMA Summit Awards 2022 is not the only award won by Create Direct for Michelin. The program was also awarded the Bronze for Best Loyalty Campaign at the IDN Awards 2021.


“We are very honored to receive international recognition for the `CLUB PRO by Michelin` loyalty program. It is truly a confirmation of the program’s value, especially given the high adoption rate among professional tire users who see it as a true ally. `Wholesale CLUB PRO by Michelin` is a very pleasant surprise. It’s a great start because this is a program that we just launched this year through which we focus on developing the redistribution network of Michelin tires. “, said Valentin Cojocaru, Michelin B2B Operational Marketing.


Mirela Iordache, Project Manager `CLUB PRO by Michelin` and `Wholesale CLUB PRO by Michelin`:

“The loyalty programs we have developed for Michelin are based on complex mechanics, but for users, both platforms are easy to use, with a fast and easy-to-understand reward process.

Our experience in B2B and B2C cashback campaigns has helped us effectively manage the two programs in several countries simultaneously. We handle the entire reward process, from processing and validating proof of purchase, developing and managing the reward platform, to managing and making multi-currency cashback payments.

We are proud and delighted that, in such a short time, `CLUB PRO by Michelin` and `Wholesale CLUB PRO by Michelin` are already bringing us such valuable awards. ”


Create Direct team:

Project Manager: Mirela Iordache

Full Stack Developer: Gabriel Chiriță

Graphic Designer: Corina Enache

Copywriter: Alina Anghel



B2B Operational Marketing Michelin Romania: Valentin Cojocaru

Distribution Manager:  Nikolay Baltadzhiev

Regional Sales Manager Hungary: Benjamin Metge

Customer and partner loyalty is essential for companies, as it allows brands to build long-term relationships and ultimately gain access to more business opportunities. Loyalty also has a beneficial impact on sales and revenue growth for the company. Partner networks become loyal to your brand, and the external sales force can make you stand out from the competition.

Here are 7 actions to include in your loyalty and motivation program strategy:


  1. Customize your loyalty program according to the desired participant category

The foundation of any well-designed loyalty program is a carefully thought-out segmentation strategy. Proper segmentation ensures that your allocated budget is maximized. It starts with identifying program participants and understanding your customer segments, partners, or external sales force. Your efforts will then be focused on those similar to your best customers or partners.


  1. Implement an onboarding process

Most companies are familiar with the integration of new employees. But what if you offered the same experience to your customers and partners?

Creating an onboarding process encourages participation in an online loyalty program and helps future participants to better understand the details of the program.

For the best integration experience, consider creating a sign-up email campaign or even contacting customers and partners by phone.


  1. Build trust and transparency

Loyalty programs are focused on building relationships.
Your partners and / or clients must see the program as a benefit, and that working with your company is an investment for them.

Communicate very clearly the terms and conditions of the program, the incentives offered, answer all questions to clarify any questions the participants might have, provide support by phone and / or email and, finally, do not delay in delivering on time the promises you have made.


  1. Design your loyalty program to be effortless

The best loyalty programs are intuitive.

An intuitive program will speed up the promotional pace of the sales team, and the customer/partner will more easily understand the steps to follow for rewards. Start with a simple loyalty program concept and gradually add new features, depending on results and feedback. Make sure that the basic structure of the program can be quickly understood, from enrolling in the program to accumulating points and turning them into rewards.


  1. Increase the commitment of your partners

Offer non-cash rewards to your business partners to motivate them and earn their medium and long-term loyalty.

Surprise them by giving them bonus points when creating an account, on their birthdays or when they recommend the program.

Add gamification elements to incentives and introduce questionnaires to test their knowledge of your products. For every correct answer by customers or partners, they will receive points.


  1. Communicate efficiently and constantly

A loyalty program is less about marketing and more about building and capitalizing on the relationship between the brand and your customer/partner. Successful relationships rely on effective, consistent communication. Therefore, use all the channels at hand to establish a functional dialogue with your customers or partners. Provide chat support, encourage feedback, and use instant and personalized communication solutions.


  1. Continuously analyze the results of your program, understanding what worked and where it needs to be improved. Add new things from time to time to keep the program attractive.


Create the most enjoyable experience possible for your customers and partners using Rewardiful.com!

  • Rewardiful.com is the efficient and fast SaaS solution to reward the external sales force, partners, and customers. You can build trade, incentive, reward, or loyalty clubs in just a few hours.
  • Launching a motivation and incentive program in which each partner wins based on performance is simple. The partners are always connected with the brand, meet the sales objectives, receive points, and choose the desired prizes depending on the level of performance achieved.
  • The diversity of products in the awards catalog is massive. You can find over 100,000 products in the suppliers’ stock, and the delivery time is 1-3 days from the order processing.
  • You can choose various digital vouchers from well-known brands like eMAG, Fashion Days, IKEA, Decathlon, Vivre, Kaufland, Douglas, and others. Digital vouchers are generated within 24 hours of ordering.
  • Rewardiful.com allows integration with WhatsApp for more personal and efficient communication. Furthermore, users can send proof of purchase via WhatsApp to earn points and find out the status of orders placed right from the chat. User status information is communicated in a maximum of 2 seconds on WhatsApp, with the help of a virtual assistant. It instantly answers the customer’s questions in WhatsApp chat, providing accurate information about the number of points earned, available or spent, suggestions for prizes that the customer can order, etc.

For details, contact us via email at andreea@createdirect.ro, or by phone at 0759 010 169.

The IDN Creative & Strategic Forum conference took place on October 8 in Amsterdam. Part of the conference are the IDN Awards 2021 where Create Direct won a total of 6 awards.

Rewardiful.com, the SaaS solution developed by Create Direct, won 3 Gold awards in the categories Best Innovation, Best Loyalty Campaign and Best Use of Automation. In addition, Rewardiful.com also won the agency one of the most coveted IDN Awards, the Excellence in Strategy Award.

It is now the third consecutive year in which Rewardiful.com wins several Gold awards at the IDN Awards, being also nominated for Best use of Technology in a Program within the Incentive Marketing Association Europe – Incentive Awards 2021.

Rewardiful.com is the solution offered by Create Direct for the development and administration of trade campaigns, rewards and loyalty programs. With Rewardiful.com, the campaigns become active in 24 hours, thus offering the great competitive advantage of Time to Market even to those without advanced technical knowledge.

CLUB PRO by Michelin and PMI Owners for Philip Morris International Portugal are the two Create Direct projects that won the agency 2 Bronze awards in the categories Best Loyalty Campaign, respectively Best Use of Automation.

CLUB PRO by Michelin is the Michelin loyalty platform through which professional tire users are rewarded with cashback for every purchase entered in the program. A project based on a complex mechanic, active in 4 countries simultaneously. Although recently launched, CLUB PRO by Michelin is already enjoying real success.

PMI Owners is the incentive program for store owners and sellers in Portugal. They are rewarded with cashback for purchases of IQOS PMI products depending on the target reached. The program has been well received because of its automation in the redeem process, making it fast in rewarding the users, much to the satisfaction of the program members.

Cosmin Lăcătușu, executive director of Create Direct agency:

“The fact that our projects continue to be appreciated and awarded can only make us happy. Despite the pandemic, our focus and determination to develop and refine rewards solutions remains unwavering. A testament to this is not only the awards won, but also the success that our customers enjoy due to the loyalty campaigns launched together. We’ll take this opportunity to thank them for being open minded and for trusting us.”

The jury, formed by members specializing in strategy and creation, were from several countries: UK, Germany, Finland, Singapore and Romania.


On September 30, the IA jury announced their nominations for the 2021 Incentive Awards at IMA Europe.

Create Direct received a double nomination for the rewards solutions Rewardiful.com and Rewards Direct, in the categories Best use of Technology in a Program, respectively Best Technology Provider.

Rewardiful.com is the complete solution for rewarding partners and managing rewards. With Rewardiful.com, the incentive platform is ready in just 1-2 days.

Rewards Direct is the solution through which you can create reward campaigns, incentives and loyalty clubs customized according to your needs.

On June 1st, Michelin and Create Direct launched CLUB PRO by Michelin, the international loyalty program for professional tire users for trucks, vans, buses and coaches, which rewards customers with cashback on the purchase of Michelin tires, thanks to innovative mechanics of up-sell and cross-sell.

The CLUB PRO by Michelin platform developed by Create Direct is multi-country and has been launched simultaneously in four countries: Romania, Croatia, Greece and Hungary. Create Direct manages the entire program, from processing and validating proof of purchase to managing and making payments.

In cashback campaigns, the end customer is rewarded with a fixed amount for each purchase of products participating in the program. The platform developed by Create Direct allows an optimal targeting of users by segmenting them according to the type of companies they represent, whether they are transport companies, construction companies or courier companies. The program also co-opts Michelin tire distributors.

CLUB PRO by Michelin members can view the history of transactions, the status of registered invoices, the status of cashback requests, but also active promotions or the cashback grid.

Valentin Cojocaru, B2B Operational Marketing Michelin:

”CLUB PRO by Michelin is the way we respond to customer needs and a way to thank them for the trust they place in us. We wanted an intuitive platform, with a simple and transparent reward process, in line with the values ​​of the Michelin brand. The feedback received so far has been excellent, a sign for us that the program is in line with our customers’ expectations.”

Cosmin Lăcătușu, executive director of Create Direct:

“B2B cashback campaigns are much more effective in motivating customers, increasing sales and reinforces brand loyalty, compared to those focused on offering discounts. The latter affects the perceived value of the product and weakens the brand’s credibility in front of customers.

Our experience in developing loyalty programs, B2B and B2C trade and rewards campaigns allows us to propose and develop cashback campaigns internationally through which partners and end customers are equally involved and motivated.”


About Create Direct

Create Direct is the leader of the Romanian market for marketing incentive solutions and specializes in the development of business solutions for rewards, loyalty, trade, sell-out, lead generation, performance marketing and GDPR marketing compliance campaigns.

Create Direct stands out internationally by implementing its solutions in large-scale projects in Portugal, Croatia, Greece, Turkey, Hungary, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Moldova and Romania.


About Michelin Group and Michelin Romania

Michelin, a leader in the field of tires, is dedicated to the sustainable improvement of the mobility of goods and people through the production, distribution and marketing of tires for each type of vehicle. It also offers innovative business support services, digital mobility services and publishes travel guides, hotel and restaurant guides, maps and road atlases. The Michelin Group started its activity in Romania in August 2001. Currently, Michelin has over 4400 employees in Romania, 3 factories, 2 in Zalău and one in Floresti, a commercial network and a shared service center. Starting with 2018, Bucharest has become the coordination center of the Central Europe region (20 countries).

Rewards are a fundamental component of your loyalty program. Create Direct offers a comprehensive rewards catalogue with a wide range of prizes and impeccable fulfilment to ensure your program runs smoothly and successfully.


Reward fulfilment and logistics across Europe

Create Direct provides complete solutions for an online/offline reward fulfilment and logistics in all Europe. Given the agency’s broad experience and expertise, the client can count on receiving proper campaign support through direct mail, call-center, digital campaigns etc.

The agency has a product storage space with a capacity of 10,000sqm and a management power of more than 4,500 orders per day. Create Direct integrates the services of pick-up, storage, parcel making and return management, ensuring the entire logistics process, with optimized execution times and costs.


Over 100.000 rewards possibilities

A large variety of prizes available, from  over 100.000 rewards possibilities, increases the attractiveness of your program to your consumers. Prizes include products from electronics, home appliances, home and garden, toys, protection materials, working equipment, cars, boats, travel vouchers, sports vouchers, perfumes, fashion, beauty. The stock is updated in real time.

With vouchers being on the rise as most desired prizes, Create Direct provides you with vouchers from globally recognized brands like Nike, Hugo Boss, Burberry, Calvin Klein, Ikea, Decathlon, Mango, Primark, Fossil, Marc Jacobs, Michael Kors, Cepsa, Media Markt, Spartoo, Rituals, Pingo Doce, Amazon, Philips, Fender etc.

The agency has integrated over 400 vouchers from international brands from Spain, France, Portugal, Germany, UK, The Netherlands, Italy, Austria, Belgium, Poland, Bulgaria and Romania. Most of the vouchers are being shipped by email in the same day as the order.


Win their hearts, reach your goals

With an appealing prize catalogue and a flawless logistics and rewards fulfilment process, you experience a significant increase in customer loyalty and a higher level of success overall. Simply put, you win your customers’ loyalty while achieving steady, long-term profits increase.

Create Direct agency was founded in 2004 and is owned by Mediapost Hit Mail, which is part of the French Post group (La Poste).

Create Direct is the leader of the Romanian market for marketing incentive solutions and specializes in the development of business solutions for loyalty clubs, lead generation campaigns, performance marketing and GDPR marketing compliancy.


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For prize enquiries please send an email at office@createdirect.ro .