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22 Nov 2016


Today the market places are more competitive that ever been before. If you think about new competitors, new markets, new communication tools, new technology, new audiences, new suppliers, the challenges for marketers are thousand times biggest than ever been before. They have to jingle with hundreds of decisions in a single day, so there’s no time to learn how to drive their campaigns to performance. They only want to thrive with their business in the online environment or to cover this segment with minimum budget and measurable results. (more…)

There is a saying that goes like this: “Negative reactions from users are better than no reactions”.

Too many companies are too used to traditional communication, and so, they consider negative reactions from users as being discouraging and unwanted. There is also an extreme approach that comes from marketers in looking at social media channels as sales generators and  focus communicating exclusively on sales mesages.


18 Aug 2016

Reward your sellers

Selling through your sales representatives or resellers is always a challenge.

Beyond bonuses and standard commisions, there can be developed incentive programs to attract certain behaviours and boosting sales of certain products.  Here there are five points that need to be considered when you want to set a rewards program in motion for your sales representatives.