reward program

Retailers are the critical point of connection between your brand and the end customer.

No matter how well thought out a product is or how good it is, it almost doesn’t matter if it’s not available at the right time and the right locations. Training staff in stores is still a practice that offers results, but with all the turnover of retail staff lately, you cannot sustain a long-term motivation strategy. In addition, the more complex the retailer network, the more difficult it is to sustain such a program.

How do you measure the success of the program, how do you keep your retail partners motivated, what is the real cost of the program and what actions are needed for optimization? Before starting a motivational program, you must first have the answers to all these questions. Let’s discuss some key elements that a program must contain.

1. Create a motivation system based on value thresholds, depending on the size and profitability of the retailer for your brand. For example, if the retailer’s sales are 20,000 Euros every month, an increase of 15-20% to offer a reward can be considered acceptable. Rewarding is most often done by offering cash back, other clearing products, points that can be converted into IT and home appliances or even vacation trips.

2. Create a communication program within the campaign through which retailers can provide valuable feedback to optimize the program, and more. Just as we mentioned in the beginning, the retailers are closest to the consumer and their feedback is important. A successful motivation program is not just based on incentive and support. For example, a constant number of complaints from a product packaging design problem will cause the retailer or sales staff to avoid recommending it.

3. Reward or offer extra bonuses for retailers that ensure good visibility of your product or promotional campaign. The leaflets of the campaign displayed, the exhibition on the shelf, the posters displayed in the shops, are elements that you cannot quantify immediately, but they contribute to the visibility of your product and the long-term awareness. How exactly do you monitor this? You are about to find out.

4. Facilitate access to the program. Create multiple levels within the program. A purchasing manager within a chain of stores wants to have access to the total turnover and the bonus obtained for the purchases of the month, while the sales staff wants to have access to the points obtained individually and to the prizes they can receive.

5. Provide fast reaction time. Keep in mind that new generations expect to receive an item as quickly as a great online store would react to their demands. When you offer a prize for reaching a goal, make sure the delivery is done in a similar time, even faster if possible.


A motivational program for the retail channel created through Rewardiful is easy to manage, you can set value thresholds or different reward segments, ensure communication with retailers in real time and monitor the performance of the program. Let’s say you start a motivational program tomorrow, here’s what you need to know:

– We create your program interface;
– You upload the database on various levels of management;
– Set the reward thresholds and prizes, choosing from our catalogue of prizes;
– Send an email blast announcing the start of the program;
– Monitor the activity within the program;
– Once the points are awarded and the prize claimed, we deal with the delivery of the prize.

Grant points to retailers that ensure good visibility of your product. It’s simple! All you have to do is upload photos in Rewardiful with the shelf product, promotional posters, leaflets and other items that you consider important. Any other ideas are always welcomed.