22 Nov 2016

My favourite things

With an experience of tens of live and ongoing loyalty clubs, rewards clubs and incentive campaigns we were able to dig deep into what people like to order if you give them the option to choose from a big variety of prizes whatever they like.

More than 5 years ago Create Direct, the IDN member- agency from Romania, launched Rewards Direct. This is a complete and fully customized solution for setup &management of a loyalty or incentive club. In a Rewards Direct club, a user collects points (based upon reaching a sales target or even establishing a desired behavior) and can spend them on an online catalogue on prizes of their choice. During this time, we’ve accumulated not only great clients like Holcim, Rehau, Saint Gobain, Xerox, Microsoft, Bayer, just to mention a few, but we had the privileged position of noticing their clients or partner’s behavior regarding the prizes they prefer.

Analyzing our clients, you would imagine that an IT partner (targeted by a well known IT brand) will have a different behavior than a mason (targeted by construction company on the same platform). Our studies have shown us something else. We are basically not so different regardless of our education level, social status or jobs for that matter, when it comes to choosing our prizes. We are all responding mostly to the same stimulus, we all like gadgets (more than 29% of all orders are electronics) and most of us will like a smartphone (36%) as prize.

So we recommend you to always give the winners the possibility to choose their prize where this is possible. But if you want to know what you should use as pre-established prizes to get high desirability take a look at the pictures.