The direct marketing agency Create Direct launched on 27 September the first SaaS service in Romania and from this region that allows creating a trade and loyalty campaign in five minutes used to reward business partners, distributors and final clients.

Until now, these campaigns were set into motion in about three to six weeks, time interval to design the campaign, the working system, develop the software, set the prizes catalog and ways to award and also for the logistical support. is a Software-as-a-Service dedicated mainly to companies from manufacturing sectors, FMCG and distribution, but not only, to all companies that sell through distribution channels or by retail centers, or to final clients. Through this kind of service, companies will be able to reward partners and clients for their purchases and incentive them to purchase more, so increasing sales.

“Companies that will use Rewardiful will have some advantages that we created as a result of our eight years experience in «rewards & incentive marketing»: first of all, it’s about the time. Companies will be «live» and working in just 5 minutes, developed on a professional platform. Second of all, the app is completely created: the customer manages his own campaign with all it’s features. He can load users, purchase and give points that he can pay online, and personalize layouts. All these facilities were created to incentive the partners of our clients to buy more, and keep the sales to a high level, on a long term. Another advantage is the auto-financing of campaigns: there is no need for the customer to have his budget set, just to give a percentage of sales to trade/incnetive campaigns” said Cosmin Lacatusu (Director Executiv Create Direct). 

The prize catalog has over 200 products on stock, of varied categories, from experiences to gadgets, and from electronic devices to DYI products.    The prizes are updated in real time, according to the stock and price and will be delivered in 2-4 days after placing the order.

Also, the communication with platform users is very important- these are kept informed at every step of the way regarding the delivery of their order, the statu of the points available and any other account detils.

The steps for using the application are very easy to follow:

  1. Choose a rate plan.
  2. Create an account in the application.
  3. Choose a website template  (online platform) that can be customized (menu, pictures, colors, logo, e-mails and messages)
  4. The platform becomes active and fully functional .

Customers have access to a platform that can gives them the possibility to manage the customize it, on a visual point of view, to load a partner data base, award points, customize the internal e-mail communication, manage the prize catalog.

All the logistical component (acquiring and delivering prizes), technical maintenance, project management are entirely made by Create Direct, with no additional costs beside the chosen monthly subscription and the ones made by loading points to users.

In the first month from the launch, customers are offered a promotional package through which they can upload as many users they want, have unlimited access to templates and also have a sub-domain on, all this without monthly fees and at a special price for points.