18 Aug 2016

Reward your sellers

Selling through your sales representatives or resellers is always a challenge.

Beyond bonuses and standard commisions, there can be developed incentive programs to attract certain behaviours and boosting sales of certain products.  Here there are five points that need to be considered when you want to set a rewards program in motion for your sales representatives.

  1. Start fast! When a new sales agent is hired, you want him to sell fast. For example, insurance companies often look at the agent’s first 30 days as being critical. So offer a starting incentive in order to stimulate him, such as a small bonus for sales in the first month.
  2. Make it worth remembering! Cash is the most frequent way of incenitivise in sales contests. Although it is easy, it does not create loyalty. For example, a trip or a balloon flight will as a prize are memories that will last more than cash, and always will be associated to the brand.
  3. Keep him engaged! Do not run the same program every year. Change the points grid, th focus from a product to another, the design, etc. You can create gamification by creating competition between your field teams.
  4. Learn and Win! If you want to make sure that your representatives know what they are selling and they have read the features of the product, we reccomend awarding prizes to test their knowledge of these products. If you use a points platform, give them enough points for a gift when they get to 100% on a product quiz, and an extra bonus after 6 months, if they filled in every quiz.
  5. Multiply points! Launching a new product or a new cathegory with a hi range are good reasons to create a campaign with multiplied points. Give credit for a product or  group of products, that will boost sales.

While all these can be managed on the spot, using a platform dedicated to boosting sales can increase brand awarness, create a good relationship with the sales representative and your products, and can also simplify the management of the program by saving time and money.

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